The new coronavirus Measures “Precautions to read before making a reservation.

The new coronavirus Measures “Precautions to read before making a reservation.

We will implement and conduct measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases so that all our customers can enjoy and feel at ease in nature.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



The recent satiation of Covid-19 we had to made a new rules about acceptance of guests.
During the month of May, we are holding tours only for residents of Kochi Prefecture.

We are planning to make a decision on accepting patients from May onward based on the infection situation.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  


<Infection prevention measures>

〇 Admission limit

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection and to ensure the safety of everyone, we will limit the visitors to the following.

・Persons with signs of coronavirus infection

・Person who has potential health problem classified in “high risk” category of the new coronavirus 

・Restrict visitors who live in specified caution prefectures where an emergency declaration is issued.
For prefectures which the declaration of an emergency has recently been lifted, visit restrictions will be set about two weeks after cancellation, and then easing/tightening of regulations will be considered depending on the situation.

However, only the residents of Kochi prefecture will be allowed to visit until the restrictions on movement across prefectures are lifted.

〇 Facility hygiene management

Regular disinfection according to infection control measures

〇 Infection prevention measures

Wash hands, wear masks, disinfect, ventilate, and measure temperature in accordance with infection control measures. Promotion of cashless support.

〇 Capacity limit

Ensure social distance as much as possible and limit social gatherings as much as possible by setting restrictions on facilities such as maximum number of tours, boat/vehicle boarding, number of passengers, and changing rooms.

〇 Raising staff awareness of infection prevention and conducting practical training

〇 Staff health management

<Request before departure>

〇 Please use cashless payment or advance transfer to avoid handling cash as much as possible.

〇 Please let us know if you have not been in close contact with some of the same reserved group. (Example: If you are not living together, and you are traveling in different vehicles but booked under the same name)

〇 Please check your temperature and health before you leave your house.

〇 Please wear a swimsuit before arrival if possible, so that you can change into your wetsuits efficiently. (You will wear your swimwear underneath our wetsuits, and yes, you must wear a wetsuit as the river is refreshing) (This is to reduce the time spent indoors)

<Request on the day of the tour>

○ Body temperature check/health check for all guests

※Persons who have signs of coronavirus infection, those with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more and those in the same group (who came by the same car) are not allowed to participate in the tour. In that case, no cancellation fee will be incurred. We kindly ask for your understanding.

〇 If you come in the same car, we will handle it as a group of people that have all been within close contact with each other and you will remain within the same group.

〇 Please wash your hands and sterilize your hands frequently.

〇 Please refrain from waiting/staying in the Happy Raft base, when there is already groups of people visible, and cooperate by waiting outdoors or in the car. (The staff will guide you.)

〇 Please wear a mask until you arrive at the river start point.

※Please bring your own mask.

〇 Upon arrival at the start point, the mask will be put in a bag and sealed tightly, and each group will be kept and handed over at the goal point.

<Things to bring>

〇 Towels and swimwear *Rental has been abolished. Please bring your own.

〇 Shoes that can get wet *Customers who do not have shoes can rent a pair of shoes for 300 yen (reservation is not required in advance).

〇 Wet suits are washed with a suitable detergent each time after use, but if you do not wish to use them, you can bring your own so please contact us.

〇 Bags for putting your clothes (please put them in bags and put them in the changing room)

<Response for each event>

Food and drink

〇The cafe is only available for takeout. Tours with included meals will be handled to ensure minimal risk of contracting coronavirus.

Guest house

〇Accommodation is limited to one group per guest house.

〇 Our staff will not be able to join the group for food/drinks, and will be reserved only for one group of customers.

Upon arrival at the guesthouse, we will explain how to use it, and after that we will respond by phone. The staff will visit you if necessary.

〇 For transportation by company car, please open the window and ventilate, also please wear a mask.

This is a big challenge for everyone (including ourselves) and we ask you to please be patient, understanding and cooperative. We hope to be able to keep everyone including ourselves as safe as possible but, while also providing a fun and exciting tour!

Thank you

Happy Raft