Spring Sale 2023.1.March.(WED) 〜 28.April (FRI)

Hello everyone!

 Are you having fun even in the cold winter?

We are all looking forward to playing in the Yoshino River with you when the weather gets warmer in spring!

As the season is about to start, we are running a special spring-only 🌸Spring Discount🌸promotion!

 Happy Raft will start on 1st of March this season. (Reservations are  available now♩)

For graduation trips, spring family trips, or solo travel for relaxation!

Why don’t you come and visit the Yoshino River?

The water is especially beautiful in spring!

The collaboration between the crystal-clear emerald green river water and the most powerful rapids in Japan is a real treat.

You will wear a wetsuit, so everyone swims ^_^.

🌸Spring Discount🌸 promotion 2023

1.March.(WED) 〜 28.April (FRI)

When you participate in any of HappyRaft tours during the above period, 

SAVE ¥1000

Click here to book>> https://urakata.in/new_reserve/en/courses/happy_raft

A price list

🍀Koboke Long Rafting Tour ¥11,000 (tax included) → ¥10,000 (tax included)

🍀Oboke short/family, Ootoyo family rafting tour 

   ¥7,000(including tax) → ¥6,000(including tax)

🍀Custom tour: pack rafting tours

For customer participating for the first time./

 Half day ¥11,000(incl. tax) → ¥10,000(incl. tax)

Repeat customer / Half day ¥9,000(incl. tax) → ¥8,000(incl. tax) –

🍀Custom tour: mini-me/kayak tour

Silver members card holder / half day ¥7,000 (tax incl.) → ¥6,000 (tax incl.)

Gold members card holder / half day ¥6,000 (incl. tax) → ¥5,000 (incl. tax)

In addition, We have good news for students graduating this spring from all over the country, 

For those graduating from primary school ,junior high school, high school and university, 

We’ll give you the photo data of your tour for free.
(Regular price, half-day tour for ¥1,000 and Long tour for ¥2,000.)

How about rafting on the Yoshino River to make memories with your friends?

Enjoy a great deal and make lots of memories!

 Let’s have fun and play hard this season!

We’re waiting for you at Happy Raft on the Yoshino River.


🌸Spring Discount🌸 promotion only applies to direct bookings made via the Happy -Raft website or by phone or email.

Cannot be used in combination with the membership card discount offer for repeat customers.
 (We can put a stamp on your membership card, so don’t forget to bring it!)

※This does not apply to bookings made during this period. This applies to those who participate in tours during this period.

Click here to book>> https://urakata.in/new_reserve/en/courses/happy_raft

Spring Yoshino river
cherry brossom at Happyraft


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