The sun has arrived

Golden week is upon us and the oboke area is vibrant with life.

We are seeing alot of new faces not only from japan but from all areas of the globe.

We are eager to meet and welcome everyone to our beautifull valley during your stay.

We will show you an adventure you will never forget.

With these warmer days I couldnt think of any better way to cool down than taking a dip in the yoshino river, we offer swimming activities, rock jumping and of course the beautifull scenery that we call home.

here at Happy raft we cater to each individuals needs and can provide a calm safe scenic tour or a rough adrenaline fuled adventure all you need to do is let our staff know what experience you are looking for.

A verse i rememberd today that id like to share,

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is A mystery

Today is a gift

Thats why we call it The present.



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